1. Perform initial server setup

    Use the initial_setup operation to send the information required for initializing the new server. This information contains:

    • Plesk Administrator’s personal information,
    • New Plesk Administrator’s password instead of the default one generated during installation,
    • Full host name (optional).

    For the details and examples of how to perform initial server setup using XML API, see Performing Initial Server Setup.

  2. Install product license key

    Use the lic_install operation to install a product license key as well as additional license keys to the server.

    For the details and examples of how to install license keys using XML API, see Installing License Key.

Note: Using the initial_setup operation later on to change administrator’s password or personal info is prohibited. For these purposes, use the set operation instead.

The following operations are not required for the post-install configuration of Plesk, but they may be useful to further configure Plesk for your production environment.

Define Plesk View

Use the operation set, node mode to switch between Plesk interface views: standard (Service Provider View) and poweruser (Power User View).

For details and examples of using XML API to modify Plesk Server Settings, see Setting Up Server.