Plesk Web Installer is an online service that can install Plesk on your Linux server or deploy an Amazon Lightsail VPS with preinstalled Plesk.

  • If you choose to install Plesk on your Linux server, you only need to provide the IP address or hostname and the credentials of the server. Plesk Web Installer then installs Plesk automatically.

    Unlike other ways of installing Plesk, you do not need to log in to your server via SSH and execute commands to install Plesk. Plesk Web Installer installs the latest stable Plesk release with the default set of components and features designed to suit the needs of the majority of users.

    Note: Your server credentials are safe. Plesk Web Installer uses them once for installing Plesk and does not store them anywhere.

    Not to worry that you are missing out on any Plesk features—you can add or remove Plesk components later. However, if you want to have control over what components to install, take a look at installing Plesk via the console or GUI.

  • If you choose to deploy an Amazon Lightsail VPS with preinstalled Plesk, you need to provide the necessary information (namely, your access key ID and secret access key to access the Amazon Lightsail API, the VPS region and plan, and so on).

To install Plesk using Plesk Web Installer:

  1. Make sure that your server meets the installation requirements.
  2. Go to Plesk Web Installer and install Plesk.
The Plesk Web Installer interface is intuitive and straightforward. However, if you face any difficulties, refer to this procedure.

The Plesk installation takes, on average, around 15 minutes. The exact time can vary depending on the network bandwidth, the network speed, the server OS version, and so on.

After the installation is complete, you will need to perform the post-install configuration.

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