Managing DNS

Operator: <dns>. Deprecated in XML-RPC protocol version.

XML Schema: dns_input.xsd, dns_output.xsd

Plesk version: all versions

XML API version: all versions

Plesk user: Plesk Administrator; resellers and customers who have the permission to manage the DNS zone of their domains in the UI


Plesk supports the following functionality:


Supported operations

  • ADD_REC adds a DNS record of the specified type to the specified site zone
  • GET_REC retrieves information about certain DNS records
  • DEL_REC removes the specified DNS record(s)
  • GET_ACL retrieves access control lists (ACL) from the server
  • ADD_TO_ACL adds hosts to ACL
  • REMOVE_FROM_ACL removes hosts from ACL
  • SET updates the SOA record settings for the specified zone or zone template
  • GET retrieves the SOA record settings
  • SWITCH switches the DNS zone type between ‘master’ and ‘slave’
  • ADD_MASTER_SERVER adds a new master DNS server for the specified zone
  • GET_MASTER_SERVER retrieves the master server for the specified zone
  • DEL_MASTER_SERVER removes the master server for the specified zone
  • ENABLE enables the name server for the specified zone
  • DISABLE disables the name server for the specified site
  • ENABLE-REMOTE-DNS switches the DNS server to primary mode
  • DISABLE-REMOTE-DNS switches the DNS server to slave mode
  • GET-STATUS-REMOTE-DNS retrieves the status of the remote DNS server
  • SET-RECURSION sets up preferences of recursive requests to DNS server
  • GET-RECURSION retrieves the recursion preferences DNS server
  • GET-SUPPORTED-RECURSION retrieves the available types of recursion for the DNS server


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