Disabling the Plesk DNS Service

By default, domains created in Plesk use the Plesk DNS server for name resolution. However, in some situations it is not desirable. For example, if you are using third-party DNS server or servers that are authoritative for your domain, it is recommended to disable the Plesk DNS service for the domain. To do so, go to Websites & Domains > DNS Settings and click Disable. If, at a later time, you change your mind, click Enable to switch the Plesk DNS service for the domain back on.


While the Plesk DNS service for a domain is disabled, you can check whether the DNS records stored on the third-party DNS server are correct. To do so, go to Websites & Domains > DNS Settings, click Add Record, type in the domain name of the third-party DNS server, and click the icon next to the name of the DNS server you just added. Plesk will retrieve the list of DNS records from the third-party DNS server, compare them to the DNS records for the domain stored in the Plesk database, and warn you of any discrepancies.


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