Operator: <reseller-plan>

XML Schema: reseller_template.xsd

Plesk version: Plesk 9.0 and later

XML API version: and later

Plesk user: Plesk Administrator


Reseller plans are a kind of presets which are used for creating reseller accounts with identical permissions, limits, IP pool settings, and preferences.

Supported operations

image 66898.gif

  • ADD creates a reseller plan
  • GET retrieves information on reseller plans from Plesk database
  • DEL removes reseller plans
  • SET updates preferences, limits, permissions and IP pool settings for a reseller plan
  • ADD-PACKAGE adds an application to the specified reseller plan
  • REMOVE-PACKAGE removes an application from the specified reseller plan
  • ENABLE-APS-FILTER excludes all apps from the specified reseller plan. You can add apps with the add-package operation
  • DISABLE-APS-FILTER includes all apps in the specified reseller plan
  • DUPLICATE creates a copy of the specified reseller plan