resumen: By default, the Plesk administrator username used to to log in to Plesk is admin. However, it is a predictable username, one which can easily be guessed and used in brute-force attacks.

To make your Plesk server more secure, besides setting a strong administrator password, you can set a custom administrator username as an additional layer of protection against brute-force attacks.

In this topic, you will learn how to change the default Plesk administrator username.

Para cambiar el nombre de usuario del administrador de Plesk:

  1. Acceso a Plesk.

  2. Vaya a Mi Perfil.

    image admin username

  3. Under «Plesk Preferences», change the default admin username to a custom one, and then click OK.

    Nota: Para cambiar el nombre de usuario de Plesk a través de la CLI, ejecute el comando plesk bin admin --set-login <custom_username>.

Ahora tendrá que utilizar ese nombre de usuario personalizado para iniciar sesión en Plesk.