You use the Plesk administrator username and password to log in to Plesk. By default, the Plesk administrator username is admin.

However, admin is a predictable username, which can be easily guessed and used in brute-force attacks. Along with a strong password, you can set a custom username as an additional layer of protection against brute-force attacks.

To change the Plesk administrator username:

  1. 打開位於此處的用於編輯的 panel.ini文件:

    • (Plesk for Linux) /usr/local/psa/admin/conf/panel.ini
    • (Plesk for Windows) %plesk_dir%admin\conf\panel.ini

    您還可以使用`Panel.ini Editor <>`__ 擴展在Plesk介面中編輯該檔。

  2. 添加以下各行到 panel.ini 檔並將其保存:


    You can now change the Plesk administrator username in the Plesk interface or via the CLI.

  3. 轉入 我的個人資料

    image admin username

  4. The 「Plesk Preferences」 section now contains the 「Username」 text field. Change the default admin username to a custom one, and then click OK.

    備註: To change the Plesk username via the CLI, run the plesk bin admin --set-login <custom_username> command.

You now need to use the custom username to log in to Plesk.