Your Plesk works in cooperation with a DNS server which enables you to run the DNS service on the same machine where you host websites. This server is BIND on Linux and Microsoft DNS on Windows.

Plesk 如何創建 DNS 區域

Setup of DNS zones for newly added domains is automated: When you add a domain name to the Customer Panel, a zone file is automatically generated for it and registered in the name server’s database, and the name server is instructed to act as the primary DNS server for the zone. Subscribers can manage DNS zones of their domains through the Customer Panel if their subscriptions provide the corresponding permissions. Additionally, subscribers can choose whether they want to use Plesk DNS server as the primary or a secondary DNS server, or switch off the DNS service for their domains. To learn how to manage DNS zones of domains within a subscription, refer to the section (Advanced) Configuring DNS for a Domain.

Plesk creates DNS zones for domains in accordance with the server-wide DNS template. The template defines the structure of DNS zones for all domains in Plesk. To learn how to edit the DNS template and apply its changes to existing zones, refer to the section Server-Wide DNS Template.

為託管式域名關閉 DNS 服務

Plesk 允許您為在伺服器上託管的所有或某些域名關閉 DNS 服務。若要瞭解如何操作,請參閱 關閉 DNS 服務

外部的 DNS 伺服器

如果您想要在您的 Plesk 伺服器上運行 DNS 服務,您可以把外部的 DNS 用於伺服器上託管的域名。在此部分 使用外部的 DNS 伺服器 中瞭解更多。

使用沒有 DNS 伺服器的 Plesk

您可以在安裝 Plesk 時排除安裝 DNS 伺服器。具體方法是使用自訂安裝(請參閱 部署指南 瞭解詳情)並取消選定相應組件(Linux 上是 BIND DNS 伺服器支援 以及 Windows 上是 Microsoft DNS 伺服器 )。

如果您如此操作,Plesk 則不會為託管的網站提供 DNS 服務,直到您安裝了 DNS 伺服器或連接了外部的 DNS 服務。若要瞭解未在 Plesk 中配置 DNS 服務會出現什麼情況,請查看小節 Plesk 沒有 DNS 伺服器

接下來,我們將詳細闡述如何為在伺服器上託管的域名配置 DNS 服務的各個方面。.