After you buy a license, you should retrieve the license information and activate your license.

Note: The order in which you should perform the operations of license retrieval and activation depends on the type of activation supported by your product.

To perform operations on a license, go to the Manage Licenses tab, click the license number in the License number column and select the corresponding options in the menu. If the license is not intended for Plesk, we recommend the following order of operations.

If the product supports activation with an activation code:

  1. Buy a license in Partner Central (Buy New License).
  2. Retrieve the activation code from Partner Central (Retrieve License > Show Activation Code).
  3. Enter the activation code in your product. The license will be automatically bound to the product GUID.

If the product does not support activation with an activation code or cannot connect to Plesk licensing servers:

  1. Buy a license in Partner Central (Buy New License).
  2. Activate the license in Partner Central (Activate). The license will be bound to the product GUID.
  3. Retrieve the XML file with license information from Partner Central (Retrieve License > Download License).
  4. Download the XML file to your product.

For details on how to perform these operations in Partner Central GUI, see Activating a License.

License Deployment in Plesk

One of the products, Plesk, supports automatic deployment of licenses. To use this feature, you should bind the license to the IP address of the server where Plesk is installed. The order of operations is as follows:

  1. Buy a license for Plesk in Partner Central (Buy New License).
  2. Specify the IP address of the Plesk server (Bind to IP address).
  3. In the Plesk user interface, click the Retrieve Keys button (Tools & Settings > License Information).

Other operations you can perform on licenses include upgrading, cloning, and termination.