Operator: <database>

XML Schema: database_input.xsd, database_output.xsd

Plesk version: Plesk 8.1 and later

XML API version: and later

Plesk user: Administrator, customer


The database operator enables you to manage databases and database user accounts. Learn more in the Administrator’s Guide.

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Supported operations

  • ADD-DB creates database entry of the specified type, defining the subscription that will use it.
  • DEL-DB removes database entry; If a database is used by an application installed on the server, it cannot be removed.
  • GET-DB retrieves database parameters by the ID, subscription name or subscription ID.
  • ASSIGN-TO-SUBSCRIPTION moves a database to another subscription.
  • SET-DEFAULT-USER specifies a default database user that Plesk uses for accessing the database.
  • GET-DEFAULT-USER retrieves ID of administrator of a specified database.
  • ADD-DB-USER creates a database user account for a specified database.
  • DEL-DB-USER removes a database user account from a specified database.
  • GET-DB-USERS retrieves the list of users of a specified database and information about access control records for MySQL databases.
  • SET-DB-USER changes credentials of a database user and specifies hosts or IP addresses from which database users are allowed to connect to databases.


Before working with databases, be sure to call operation get_supported_types or the db_server operator in order to retrieve information on which database servers are configured on the specific Plesk server.